Getting Started with Mio SLICE

Congratulations on your purchase of Mio SLICE, the 24/7 heart rate monitor and activity tracker! 


PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)

PAI is revolutionary new system that turns your heart rate data into a single, personal score, showing how much activity you need to stay healthy. PAI points are calculated based on your heart rate data and personal profile (gender, age, etc.). To earn more PAI points, increase the intensity of whatever activity you choose to get your heart rate up.

The goal is simple: keep your PAI score above 100 each week to live a healthier, longer life *



Fully charge the Mio SLICE:

  1. Plug in the USB charger.
  2. Place SLICE into charger.
  3. The screen will display a charging icon to indicate that the battery is charging. Depending on the SLICE battery level, press the button or wait a few minutes for the charging icon to appear. Charge your SLICE fully, it will take approximately 2-3 hours; the display will show a full battery icon. 


Download the Mio PAI app to set up Mio SLICE and customize your settings.


Open the app and follow the prompts to create a PAI account and user profile.

Set Up

*The location services (GPS) is required for bluetooth connection to pair to your SLICE. Click for details

PAI app asks you to allow different permissions, such as Location (GPS), Bluetooth, Contacts, Phone Calls, and SMS Messages. This allows Mio SLICE to notify you when you receive a call or text.

The default notification setting on your SLICE is set to "on". To change these settings, go into the PAI App, navigate to the MORE tab, tap SLICE ->notifications. 


Pair Mio SLICE to your phone:

Click here for videos showing how to pair your SLICE to your mobile device

  1. The Mio PAI app will start searching for Bluetooth devices. Keep SLICE as close as possible to your phone.
  2. Press the button on SLICE to enter pairing mode.pairing_image.png
  3. Select the SLICE. If multiple devices appear, bring your SLICE closer to your phone. Refresh the list, then select the SLICE at the top of the list.
  4. SLICE will display a 6-digit code. Enter this code in the app when prompted. (On Android, you may have to pull down the notification drawer to see the prompt.)
  5. Your SLICE is now paired.

Click here for pairing troubleshooting

After pairing, the app will update SLICE if a newer firmware version is available.

Keep the PAI app open and your SLICE close to the phone. The SLICE screen will be blank until the update is complete. Do not navigate away from the PAI app during this time.

Click here for Firmware instructions for Apple and Android or Firmware troubleshooting


For accurate heart rate monitoring, fasten SLICE snugly, about 1-2 finger widths above your wrist bone.




SLICE has one button, which can be pressed in two ways:

Short Press

  • Scroll to next screen
  • Dismiss a notification 

Long Press

  • Enter Workout Mode
  • Exit Workout Mode 


All-Day Mode

Scroll through your daily activity metrics on SLICE:

Sleep activity is automatically tracked when you wear your SLICE to sleep.

These values reset to 0 at midnight each day. Open the PAI app to see your 7-day progress and to review each day in more detail.


Workout Mode

Use Workout Mode to record an activity session. You can review metrics and a heart rate graph specific to the activity session in the Mio PAI app.


You’re Ready

You’re ready to go!

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