How to Use the Mio GO App

How to Pair

Download the Mio GO App from either;
Apple Store

Google Play

Once the app has downloaded. Open the Mio GO app on your phone.

Go to the Bluetooth Settings on your phone and turn on bluetooth.

Re-Open the Mio GO app, press on the heart icon (top right) to the get the device screen

Pull downwards to update, and then select you Mio Device to establish a connection.

Sometimes, when the Mio Device is directly connected to the Bluetooth menu in your mobile phone have problems syncing with the app. The above steps should resolve this issue.

Please make sure that no other device is connected to the phone via Bluetooth, while trying to connect your Mio Device.


How to Manually Sync

Select your Mio Device from the 'Device' menu of the Mio GO app and delete it from the app.

Close the Mio GO app fully (ensure it isn't hiding in the background).

Disable Bluetooth and Restart your phone

Open the Mio GO app and turn on Bluetooth when prompted by the app

Pull down on the devices screen to refresh

Connect to the Mio Device and return to the workout screen

Pull down on the workout screen to manually sync workouts.

Please let us know if you have any further questions

How to customize device screen settings

Turn on your bluetooth in your phones bluetooth settings

Open your Mio GO App

Click the heart in the top right corner

Select your device under 'Known Devices'

Scroll down to 'Device Settings'

Here you can customize your Heart rate zones under 'Heart Rate Training'

Under 'Device Settings' - You can edit further details;

- Device Name, Daily Goal, LED Flash Pattern, Vibration Alerts, Screen Lock, HR Zone LED

Select either - 'Customize Workout Screens' or 'Customize All-Day Screens'

Within each of these you will be able to select what stats you would like displayed on the device while in All-Day mode or in Workout mode.

The options to turn On/Off - Chrono, Calories, Pace, Distance, Steps, Speed.

Once you have selected your settings - Select 'Done' on the top right of the screen, these settings will now be applied the next time you sync your device.


How to live stream a workout to your device

Turn on your bluetooth in your phones bluetooth settings

Open your Mio GO App

Put on your Mio device and activate HR monitoring

Your heart rate will now appear in the heart on top right of the app

If you heart rate is not displayed in the heart - please click on the heart on the top right of the screen and select your device under the 'Devices' list

Once your device is connected and your HR is showing in the heart; Go back to the home screen.

Select 'Begin Workout' at the bottom of the screen

The device is now in Workout mode

Start Workout!


How to edit your profile in the Mio GO app

Turn on your bluetooth in your phones bluetooth settings

Open your Mio GO App

Click the Menu tab in the top left corner

Select 'My Profile'

Here you can edit your Units, Height, Weight, Birthday and Gender.

Once you have customized your profile - Select 'Save' on the top right of the screen

Your profile is now complete