What do I do if my SLICE isn't pairing?

Try the following tips if you have trouble pairing SLICE to your smartphone:

• Check that your phone is compatible with the PAI app here.

• Check if your location services (GPS) is on. Click for details 

• Check out our pairing videos

• Force close the PAI app. Turn off your phone’s Bluetooth. After a few seconds, turn Bluetooth on again. Open the PAI app and retry the pairing process.

• Restart phone

• Make sure SLICE is not paired to any other phone, tablet or app. If you have previously paired SLICE to another phone or tablet, make sure to follow the instructions listed here before proceeding to pair.

• Check that you are connecting to the correct SLICE device. Before pairing is complete, SLICE is listed with a 4-digit code appended to the name. Match the 4-digit code to your device serial number found on the back of your SLICE. For example, if your serial number is “60P00014DCI”, SLICE will show up in the app as “SLICE-014D”.

• Perform a factory reset on the SLICE and pair to your phone again

***Note that this will erase all data stored on your SLICE.