iOS Troubleshooting

We are aware of some intermittent issues with the PAI app, and while we are working on improving the user experience, we have some suggested workaround solutions that can help in the meantime.

ISSUE #1: PAI score not syncing to app and it appears PAI points are lost.

WORKAROUND: Force close the PAI app and then re-open it. Your SLICE should sync and you should regain any previous PAI points lost. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, then check if SLICE is connected to app in #2 below.

ISSUE #2: SLICE disconnects from PAI app. You may notice your SLICE doesn’t stay connected to the PAI app. You can tell by going to “MORE” section on your app, and you will see SLICE is in grey and it will show “Not connected”.

WORKAROUND: On the “MORE” section, tap “Forget device” and then tap “Add device” to pair your SLICE with the app again.