How to Wear Mio LINK

How to Wear Mio LINK

1) Wear Mio LINK 2-3 finger widths from your wrist.

Wear Mio LINK approximately 2-3 finger widths from your wrist, toward your elbow. Placing LINK here will allow for optimal contact -- allowing Mio's sensors to better 'sense' the volume of blood under the skin and detect your pulse.

2) Wear Mio LINK above your ANT+ or BLE watch.

Want to pair your Mio LINK with your favourite ANT+ or BLE watch? No problem! Simply place your Mio LINK above the watch of your choice. Wearing Mio LINK on the same arm as your watch will allow for optimal communication between devices.

3) When cycling, wear Mio LINK with the sensor on the inside of your arm.

Want to track your heart rate with Mio LINK while cycling? Go for it! Simply turn your Mio LINK band around, so that the sensor faces the inside of your forearm. This will allow Mio's sensor to better "sense" your blood flow while you ride on a trail or road.

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