Why is the GPS data from Mio GO different from some of my other apps?

GPS signals will bounce off buildings in urban areas and are difficult to accurately obtain in rural settings. We put in a lot of development in our app to filter out anomalies to get the most accurate signals, and are constantly refining this data.
To get a sense of which app is reporting accurately, there are 2 simple tests you can do:
1. When outdoors, stay still in one spot and start recording on several apps.  After a couple of minutes, check to see which app reports closest to zero distance.
2. Test a short route that you have measured the true distance of. Compare the data reported from the apps with what you have physically measured.
You should find that Mio GO is just as good if not better than other apps, but in the event that we are less accurate, please let us know! We continuously refine our algorithms so it's helpful for us to know which types of settings and situations are an issue. Drop us a line at support@mioglobal.com.