How do I use my smartphone's GPS with my FUSE?

Follow the steps below:

  1. Turn on heart rate monitoring on your FUSE.
  2. Open the Mio GO app and connect to your FUSE.
  3. Press the green 'GO' button at the bottom of you Activity History screen.
  4. Enable the GPS tracking toggle switch.
  5. Press the 'Record' button in Mio GO, and press the right button on your FUSE to start your workout.

If you have speed, distance, and/or pace screens selected for display on your FUSE they will display values transmitted from the Mio GO app. Note that there is a delay of a few seconds between the phone and the ALPHA 2, so the numbers will not match exactly when viewing both at the same time.

When syncing your workout from FUSE to Mio GO, the file recorded on your phone will act as the master, so make sure to pause and end your workout in the Mio GO app.