Getting Started with PAI 1

Please refer to your Mio wearable Quick Start Guide at to set up and familiarize yourself with your Mio wearable.


  1. If you haven’t already set up your Mio wearable with the Mio GO app, download the Mio GO app from the App Store or Google Play and set up your personal profile. Then close the app.
  1. Download Mio PAI from App store or Google Play
  1. Turn on your phone’s Bluetooth
  1. Open the PAI app
  1. Set up a PAI account: Email and Password
  1. Complete your profile: Name, Height, Weight
  1. Complete PAI level questionnaire and enter resting heart rate. If you aren’t sure what your resting heart rate is, refer to this blog post:
  1. (With Bluetooth enabled) Tap the heart in the upper right corner of the screen and connect the wearable to the app – press and hold the top-center of wearable’s screen until you see “FIND” blinking on the wearable, then your heart rate will display.
  1. Mio FUSE & ALPHA 2 Users

If you are using a Mio FUSE or ALPHA 2, we recommend that you record your workout on your Mio wearable and sync it later with the PAI app.

Mio LINK, ALPHA 1 & VELO Users

If you are using Mio LINK, ALPHA 1 or VELO, you will need to stream your heart rate data from your Mio wearable to PAI. To do this, open the PAI app, select the profile icon on the top left of the screen, and then click Connect a Mio Device. Select your device. You will know you’re connected when the heart icon displays your heart rate (number of beats per minute).

  1. Breakdown of PAI screen:
    1. Top left – profile
    2. Top right – heart rate
    3. Top number in small circle – PAI points earned today
    4. Big number in green – total PAI over previous 7 days
    5. Activity Setter – slide up and down to select number of PAI you would like to earn and the app will provide guidelines for length of moderate or high intensity exercise needed to earn X number of PAI points
    6. Click on each day to see a detailed breakdown of your PAI that day

Keep your PAI score above 100 over a 7-day rolling window to maintain a top-notch health profile.