Activate All-Day Tracking Feature

We are pleased to announce that Mio ALPHA 2 now has the ability to track your activity throughout the day. Activate the All-Day Activity Tracking feature in your Mio GO app using this simple three-step process.

Step 1: Check your firmware version

To enable the All-Day Activity Tracking feature, the firmware on your ALPHA 2 must be 01.05 or higher.

Check the version of your firmware using the following steps:

1. Open the Mio GO app.

2. Select the heart icon at the top right.

3. Under Known Devices, tap on your MIO GLOBAL-ALPHA2 to access the Setup screen.

4. Scroll to the bottom of the screen below the Device Setting options. Under “Device Software,” it will indicate the Firmware Version.

If the Firmware Version is not 01.05 or higher, then you need to update your firmware. If it is 01.05 or higher, skip to Step 3 below.


Step 2: Update your firmware

1. In the Mio GO app, select “Help” from the top left menu on the Home screen (with Workout Totals).

2. Then select “Firmware Update.”

3. Select your Mio device – MIO GLOBAL-ALPHA2

4. Select “START UPDATE” – this may take several minutes. Once completed, you will receive a message confirming that the firmware has updated.

Troubleshooting tip: If the firmware will not update to a newer version, please check the Bluetooth settings on your phone or tablet and make sure Bluetooth is on but NOT paired directly to the ALPHA 2 device. Once you have unpaired the device in the Bluetooth settings, please re-open the Mio GO app.


Step 3: Activate “All-Day Activity Tracking” feature & sync

1. In the Home screen of the Mio GO app, select the heart icon at the top right.

2. Under Known Devices, tap on your MIO GLOBAL-ALPHA2 to access the Setup screen

3. Under Device Settings, turn on the “All-Day Activity Tracking.” (It is on when the button is to right and the area beside it is green.)

4. Sync your ALPHA 2 device to the app so your ALPHA 2 will start capturing your all-day activity data.

Note: Once all-day tracking is activated in the Mio GO app, you will be able to set Your Daily Goals for Total Calories, Active Calories, Distance and Steps Walked. Steps Walked is automatically set to 10,000 steps and can be changed. All other daily goals are not pre-set.