Getting Started with Mio FUSE

1. Activating & Charging

To activate and charge your Mio FUSE:

1. Plug the USB charger into the USB port of your computer.

2. Align the two gold charging pins on the back of Mio FUSE to the two gold charging pins on the USB charger.

When you see this symbol  on the display, your FUSE is activated.

Charging tip: Make sure the two gold charging pins on the back of Mio FUSE are dry. If they are wet, pat them gently with a dry towel.

Watch this video on how to set up and get started with your Mio FUSE.

2. Setting Up Your FUSE

1. Turn on the Bluetooth function of your smartphone.

2. Download the Mio GO app from the Apple App Store or Google Play store.


3. Set up your profile.

4. On the Workout screen, tap the heart icon in the upper right-hand corner to connect your Mio device.

  • Select your device.

  • Tap your device name to customize

  • Your device is successfully connected

Need some clarity? Watch the How to Set Up & Use Mio GO video.

3. Navigating Your FUSE


Mio FUSE is a touch-operated device. To prevent accidental triggering of the device, the Touchpoints are only active when your arm is in a horizontal position, parallel to the ground.

4. All-Day Activity Tracking

Mio FUSE tracks and displays your steps, calories, distance, and goal progress.  Customize your activity goal in Mio GO.

All the values reset to 0 at midnight each day.

FUSE calculates calories burned based on your profile information. Since your body consumes calories even while at rest, calories will reset at midnight and begin accumulating immediately.

5. Heart Rate Monitoring: Starting a Workout

1. Tighten your FUSE

To get accurate heart rate, wear FUSE snugly, about 2 finger widths (1" - 3") above your wrist bone. The optical sensor on the back should make good contact with your skin.

2. Turning on Heart Rate

Find your heart rate by touching and holding the heart rate/timer touchpoint.

The display will show FIND while FUSE searches for your heart rate. Keep your arm still until your heart rate is displayed.

Note: Wash Mio FUSE regularly with mild soap and water. Make sure to allow both your arm and FUSE to dry completely before resuming wear.

3. Recording your Workout

Start: Once your heart rate is showing, tap the heart rate/timer touchpoint A to start the workout timer. When the display shows “GO”, your workout is being recorded.

Scroll: Tap the scroll touchpoints to scroll through workout metrics.

Pause: Touch and hold the heart rate/timer touchpoint A to pause the timer. Tap it again to resume.

End Workout: Pause your workout (see above), then touch and hold the heart rate/timer touchpoint A to end your workout.

If you see -- displayed, press and hold touchpoint A to stop heart rate mode, check watch placement is correct and start over.

6. Sleep Tracking

Your FUSE must have firmware version 1.20 or higher to enable sleep tracking. Check your FUSE firmware version in Mio GO, at the bottom of the device's Setup screen. If your firmware needs updating, follow these instructions for iPhone/IOSandinstructions for Android.

In sleep mode, FUSE tracks your sleep duration, resting heart rate, level of sleep (awake/light/deep), and sleep efficiency.

Activate Sleep Mode

Touch and hold both Scroll Touchpoints until the display changes from “HOLD” to “SLEEP?”.

Tap the Heart Rate/Timer Touchpoint to confirm that you want to go to sleep. FUSE will display a good night message.

The display will show “ZZZ” any time you touch a Touchpoint while your FUSE is in Sleep Mode.

Wake Up from Sleep Mode

When you wake up, turn off Sleep Mode using the same steps – touch and hold both Scroll Touchpoints until the display says “WAKE?”. Tap the Heart Rate/Timer Touchpoint to confirm. FUSE will display a wakeup greeting and then show the time.

View Sleep Stats

To see a summary of your sleep, sync your FUSE to the Mio GO app. Your sleep session will sync, along with your all-day data and any workouts you have completed.


7. Reviewing your Stats

Sync to Mio GO App

To review your all-day activity, workout data, or sleep records, open Mio GO and connect to your FUSE. Your data will automatically sync. Alternatively, you can perform a manual sync by pulling down the Activity History screen.


8. Connecting to Other Apps & Devices

Your FUSE can transmit heart rate to many iPhone and Android fitness apps, bike computers, GPS watches, and select gym equipment through Bluetooth Smart® (4.0) Technology (BLE) and ANT+™.

If you are using FUSE with a GPS watch, such as a Garmin or Suunto watch, wear both devices on the same arm for better connection.

9. Care and Cleaning your Mio Device

• Wash your device regularly with mild soap and water - regular cleaning is necessary to prevent skin irritation.
• Make sure you allow both your arm and device to dry completely before resuming wear.
• Avoid scratching the device to protect your device from damage.
• Do not expose the Mio FUSE to strong chemicals such as gasoline, cleaning solvents, acetone, alcohol, or insect repellents. Chemicals can damage the seal, case, and finish.
• After exercising, rinse Mio FUSE with tap water and gently dry with a soft cloth.
• If your skin becomes irritated, wear Mio FUSE on the other arm or discontinue wearing until the irritation clears.

10. Product Updates & Safety Information

Product Updates

Register your Mio FUSE at to receive important product updates.

Safety Information

Be sure to consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program.

While your Mio device provides accurate heart rate measurements, it is not a medical device. The Mio FUSE and USB charger contain strong magnets. If you use a pacemaker, a defibrillator or other implanted electronic device(s), consult your doctor before using Mio FUSE or any other Mio device.