How do I pair VELO to my GPS watch?

VELO is compatible with devices that support ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart (4.0) heart rate profiles. 

To pair VELO to your compatible GPS watch you will need to add it as an ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart (4.0) sensor. The user guide for your GPS watch will instruct you on the steps for that specific product, but usually, you'll need to move to an area away from other heart rate signals, open the GPS watch settings, and selecting the option to scan for a heart rate sensor. Turn on the heart rate monitoring of your VELO so that heart rate is found.


What happens to my VELO battery after 300 charge cycles?

The battery in VELO is guaranteed to operate at 100% capacity for 300 complete charge cycles, meaning that you can charge the battery from completely empty to completely full 300 times. If you charge your device every day but just a little bit to top it off, you will get far more than 300 charges.
Even after 300 charges the battery will continue to function normally, but the capacity will begin to diminish. At around 500 charges the battery life will be about 80% as long as it was when it was new.
In summary, you don't need to worry about your VELO dying on you! After 5 years you will need to start charging more frequently, but the battery should continue operating just fine.

How far apart can the VELO be from my smartphone when using Bluetooth or ANT+?

The transmission distance is up to 10 meters for Bluetooth and 5 meters for ANT+ with a clear transmission path. Keeping your device closer to Mio VELO will maintain a stronger wireless connection.



What is VELO?

Mio VELO is a wristband for cyclists that measures heart rate continuously and with EKG accuracy—no chest strap required. VELO transmits your heart rate via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+ to any compatible smartphone, sports watch, bike computer, or other fitness device.

If you use ANT+ speed and cadence sensors on your bicycle, VELO can bridge them to Bluetooth 4.0. This allows you to use your smartphone just like a bike computer to display your heart rate, speed, distance, and cadence, without the need for an ANT+ adapter or any other equipment.


What app should I use to track my workouts?

If you will be pairing ANT+ sensors we recommend Wahoo Fitness, because it works great with VELO and it’s free. Other options are Strava (not free, and doesn’t display cadence while riding) or Cyclemeter (displays everything, but isn’t free). As of 10/3014, VELO does NOT pair ANT+ sensors with MapMyRide, iBiker, or Runtastic Road Bike, or any Android apps.

If you just want to monitor heart rate, VELO works with the same third-party apps that LINK does. (Strava, Wahoo, Runkeeper, Runtastic, Endomondo, etc.)


ANT+ Bike Sensors? What are they?

Speed and cadence sensors measure how fast you’re travelling (in km/h or miles/h), and how fast you’re pedalling (in rotations per second), respectively. Most sensors today are either ANT+ or Bluetooth Smart.

If you have ANT+ sensors, your phone won’t be able to read them unless you use VELO to convert them or you have an ANT+ adapter for your phone (or you have some kind of ANT+ phone like old Samsung and Sony ones). If you have Bluetooth Smart sensors, you don’t need to do pairing with VELO; your phone can pick up the signals directly from the sensors.

How accurate is it?

Our OHR technology is extremely accurate - a 0.99 correlation with EKG

Velo or the LINK?

Both devices measure heart rate from the wrist and transmit via Bluetooth 4.0 and ANT+, but only VELO is able to bridge ANT+ sensors to Bluetooth 4.0.

It depends on how you want to use it. If you don’t need to bridge ANT+ bike sensors to your smartphone, just get LINK.


How long does the battery last? How do I know its low?

VELO will provide 6-10 hours of continuous heart rate monitoring. The battery will last several months in standby mode.


When the battery level falls below 30% VELO will do a “police alert”. Every fourth pulse it will flash red-blue-red-blue (the other three pulses will be the regular heart rate colour).


What sizes and colors does it come in?

VELO comes in one size with a blue band.


What apps does VELO work with?

VELO transmits heart rate to dozens of third-party apps such as Strava, MapMyRun, RunKeeper, etc. (The same as LINK)

You’ll need a cycling-specific app to pair speed and cadence sensors. VELO works with Wahoo Fitness, Strava, and Cyclemeter.  

Will VELO work with my sensors? What about my Smartphone?

VELO works with compatible ANT+ sensors. A popular one is the Garmin GSC10 speed and cadence sensor. It is available on Amazon, it’s cheap, and it gets great reviews.

VELO works with the same devices as LINK. See the compatibility page on our website for up-to-date information.


How do I know if VELO is connected to my smartphone?

When VELO is connected to a smartphone the LED will do single flashes.

When it is NOT connected to a smartphone, it will do double flashes. 



Does VELO store data?

No, VELO only transmits data. To store your workout data, connect VELO a compatible device.

Does VELO display my heart rate?

VELO does not have a numerical display, but it does have a multi-color LED to indicate which heart rate training zone you are in. 

If you wish to see your exact heart rate value, pair VELO with a compatible smartphone, sport watch, bike computer, or any other fitness device with a display. 

Can I swim with VELO?

VELO is water resistant and safe for swimming, but it will not accurately record your heart rate underwater due to the reflection and refraction of the LEDs in water.


Does VELO have GPS? Does it measure speed/distance/altitude?

No. To acquire speed, distance, cadence, or altitude data you will need to use separate sensors or the GPS functionality built into your smartphone.


Does VELO bridge other ANT+ signals like Power or Running footpods?

No, just cycling speed and cycling cadence. (As of 10/30/14)